Men's Care

NGN 47,000


Gone are the days of guys using a just single bar of soap for all their skin care needs. This set helps to treat and prevent rough, dry, and uneven skin.
It is a perfect skin maintaintence kit that will bring out a man's natural glow


  • Men's Care Glowing Oil
  • Men's Care Lotion
  • Brightening Creamy Scrub
  • Brightening Black Soap


  • Use the Brightening Black soap as face and body bath soap daily
  • Apply the Brightening Creamy Scrub and massage it into your skin with soft sponge, leave for 3-5 minutes. This can be used for the face and body. Use the scrub 3 times a week only
  • Apply the glowing oil on your body in the morning.
  • Use the Men's Body lotion on damp skin at night (body only)

NOTE:for a good face oil in the morning, the vitamin C oil/serum is recommended